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Khuako F. Adyghes presence chronicle in Crimea / annotation

Fatimet N. Khuako – Ph.D. of philosophy, professor. Maykop state technological university. Maykop, Adygea Republic, Russian Federation.

It is examined the chronology of events, accompanying the presence of Adyghe people on the Crimea territory. The article provides historical facts, proving and illustrating habitation and development of the Adyghes on Crimean land, formation of their state system, realization of domestic and external nation policy. Despite the confirmation of low studyof the problem, the author enumerates contemporary works of foreign (in particular, I. Klingen “Basis of economy in the Sochi district (1897)) and national scientists, and basing on this point begins to present old events of XVII – XIX c. exposing not only trade and political, but also friendly relations. The biography of Russian tsar Ivan the Terrible connected his life with Circassians by marriage on their representative in the days of KemirgokoIdarov rule appears the apotheosis of this relation. Considering the military operations, captures and attacks, produced by rulers on the described territories in the examined period, it is illustrated the required coil of state contacts and a thesis about the Adygeis presence in Crimea. Underlining mention of Inal in folklore Adygei texts and establishing an appeal to this image in works of S.Khan-Girey and Sh.Nogmov, it is tracedthe fate and asserts the influence on the ethnos. Analysing the study of Inalids imperious period by the modern historians –A.Ostashko “Circassians and Crimea”, A.Maksidov“Historical and genealogical connections of the Adygeis with the people of Black sea Region” and F.Ozova “Cherkes-Italian historical crossing and parallels”, the author of the article mainly accepts their arguments and explains the position that allows to line up a personal reasonable construction.

Don State Technical University
Tbilisi State University
Moldavian association of international law
DANUBIUS University
Varna Free University 'Chernorizets Hrabar'