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Tuaeva L. Efficiency of costs for health care: problems and ways of solution / annotation

Tuaeva Lali – candidate of economics, associate professor. Vladikavkaz branch of Finance university. Vladikavkaz, Russian Federation.

The research results of infection rate and medical personnel provision in whole along Russian Federation, regions of North Caucasian federal district and Republic of North Ossetia-Alania are brought in the article. The conducted comparative analysis allowed estimating expenditure facilities efficiency to the health service, educing a row of regional problems and marking the ways of their solving. The author made a row of conclusions: 1) over a period of на 2005–2014 sickness rate of Russians in whole increased on 5,8%, along the regions of NCFD and the population infection rate on the contrary decreased on 4,6%, and in RNO-Alania - one of the seven subjects of NCFD - population sickness rate increased in 3,1 times in comparison with all-Russian indice, and in comparison with average district indice practically in 4 times; 2) under the higher sickness rate in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania doctors provision in the region is significantly higher: thus in 2014 it comprised 70,3 of doctors per 10 000 of population, and in 2015 – 63,9 of doctors per 10 000 of population that is practically in 1,5 times more than along RF (48,9 and 48,1 accordingly) and in whole in the regions of NCFD (41,6, and 39,6 accordingly); 3) under the significantly higher doctors provision their average salary appeared to be lower than that of neighboring regions and more distant but demographically comparable subjects of the Russian Federation. The author made a conclusion on the need to optimize the staff of medical and preventive institutions in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alaniya in order to create a more efficient system for providing medical services, the types, quality and volumes of which will correspond to the level, structure of morbidity and population needs, with maintaining of beds optimal number and staff size of medical personnel.

Tuaeva L., Kochieva Zh. Market conditions in the health system / annotation

Tuaeva Lali – candidate of economics, associate professor. Vladikavkaz branch of Finance university. Vladikavkaz, Russian Federation.
Kochieva Zhanna – candidate of economics, associate professor. South-Ossetian research institute. Vladikavkaz, Russian Federation.

The initial position of the study, the results of which are presented in the article, is the statement that health as a specific social sphere of society has its own peculiarities, presupposing the primacy of medical results over financial ones. In this sense, market relations action sphere of in health service is limited. The concept, explaining the need for civil service or public health control is concluded in the fact that the free market (in its pure form), often considered to be a self-regulating and most effective way of achieving the enterprise rise, is simply unsuitable for the health service system due to the fact that health service, as a branch of the social economy, has a number of characteristics that violating the market operation mechanism.The development of market relations, at the moment, practically has not affected the authorities financial mechanism, where the extensive approach under financing still prevails. In modern conditions, domestic health service financing requires a thorough rethinking. Health service as a branch of the public economy has a number of characteristics, violating the market mechanism operation. There is an acute problem of used resources efficient allocation to improve the accessibility and quality of medical assistance. Its solution requires improving management practices, comparative evaluation methods of possible variants available resources distribution and choice grounding of the best of them, which is connected with economic, market, technological, social, political and other factors that need to be addressed.

Don State Technical University
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Moldavian association of international law
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