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Makhrinova M., Makeenko I., Kashirina O. Formation of Ethnic Values of Personality in the Context of Ethnic Education / annotation

Marina V. Makhrinova – Ph.D. in Pedagogy, Associate Professor, North-Caucasus Federal University, Stavropol, Russian Federation.
Igor P. Makeenko – Ph.D. in Economy, Associate Professor, Technological Institute of Service (affiliated to DSTU), Stavropol, Russian Federation.
Olga V. Kashirina – Ph.D. (Advanced Doctorate) in Philosophy, Associate Professor, North-Caucasus Federal University, Stavropol, Russian Federation.

Ethnic upbringing is a purposeful interaction of generations, as a result of which ethnic self-consciousness is formed that is adequate to treat oneself as a subject of an ethnic group, a sense of pride in their ethnic group, a positive attitude to the language, history, culture of their ethnic group, as well as a sense of respect and tolerance for representatives of others ethnic groups. The essence of ethnic education is the preservation, formation and development of the ethnic identity of the individual, his culture, self-identity, language based on the continuity of generations, taking into account the changing conditions. As a content and means of ethnic education, the development of ethnosocial roles is considered, the formation of which is the mastery of this role in accordance with age. To preserve their identity, integrity, independence, individual freedom, you first need to understand your ethnic upbringing. This is the first step and at the same time the main thread of life, it is not discrete, it is continuous, it starts from the moment of conception of a child and continues throughout life. However, at the same time, ethnic education is a deeply specific upbringing, it must penetrate the whole spirit of the family, the general educational institution, especially the initial link, and then, really, on the basis of the native, the education of a multicultural personality should be carried out. The ultimate goal of ethnic education is the upbringing of an ethnocultural personality, identifying himself with his own ethnos, which perceives the world through the prism of its national-specific features.

Don State Technical University
Tbilisi State University
Moldavian association of international law
DANUBIUS University
Varna Free University 'Chernorizets Hrabar'