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Chaika A.V. Modern terrorism: concepts and approaches analysis / annotation

Chaika Alexander Viktorovich – post-graduate student of Institute of philosophy and social and political sciences of Southern federal university. Novosibirsk, Russia.

The problem of modern terrorism as an image of counterculture environment is considered. The analysis of concepts and approaches of foreign and native authors, specialists of terrorism problem research was conducted. Separate features of the modern terrorism are considered and emphasized. The author drew conceptual conclusions on the basis of dialectical approach to modern terrorism counterculture phenomenon research.

Key words: modern terrorism, “net phenomenon”, globalization, technization, concept, analysis, tempoworld.

Chaika A. Russian Federation state security as an object of research / annotation

Chaika Alexander – candidate of philosophy, associate professor. Institute of philosophy and social-political science. Southern federal university. Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation.

Security – is an important condition of any system existence. State security can be defined as security condition of political system, state agencies, state territorial integrity, as well as sovereignty from internal and external threats. The basic elements of informative side state security are considered: subjects and objects of state security; state security threats; system, forces and supporting means of state security. State is the basic subject of state security. Objects of state security are no more than, as basic characteristics of state. Nowadays in theoretic-juridical science accepted the unite conception, in accordance with which the state is the society political organization based on public law, possessing such characteristics, as territory, supremacy inside the country and independence in foreign affairs (sovereignty), and also management apparatus separated from the rest society. The basic objects (they are also the basic directions) of state security are considered in the article: a) state (constitutional) system; b) state agencies; c) state sovereignty; d) state territorial integrity. State security threats are related to the most important elements of state security informative side. Security threat is determined as direct or circumstantial possibility of endamagement to constitutional laws, freedoms, worthy quality and living standard of citizens, sovereignty and territorial integrity, sustainability of Russian Federation, defense and security of state in the strategy of Russia national security till 2020. Several accepted classifications of national security threats are represented: according to state affiliation of danger source, forming the threat; according to the formation degree; depending on the character of threats, determined by their source and specificity; according to the spheres of human activity; according to the degree of subjective perception; in relation to human activity; according to the objects of national security. The conception of state security supporting system is considered, the basic values are identified. Considering the existing legislation in Russian Federation the organs of legislative, executive and judicial authorities, state, social and other organizations and associations, citizens, participating in security supplying in obedience to the law, and also legislation, regulating relations in the sphere of security, force and security safeguards form the state security supporting system. As any security supplying system the system of state security has subject, realizing certain functions, and object which security should be supplied. The basic functions of state security supporting system, forces and means of it realization are represented. Realization of state security is realized on the basis of organs power differentiation of legislative, executive and judicial authorities in the given sphere. One considered the basic directions of state security supplying in Russian Federation, classification of threat types and system of the country security supplying under the modern conditions that gives more structured representation about the research subject.

Key words: security, state security, state security threats, state security organs, state security functions, system, forces and means of state security.

Chaika A. Phenomenon of “terrorism expectation” / annotation

Alexander V. Chaika – candidate of philosophy, associate professor. Institute of philosophy and social-political science. Southern federal university. Novosibirsk, Russian Federation.

The appeal to the problem of terrorist expectation as a form of terrorist retaliation is a modern stage of research in the social sciences, conditioned by the need to overcome the state of ideological manipulation of the individual`s consciousness in conditions of terror. The process of terrorist expectation is a form of adjustment of social cognition, spiritual choice, cultural preferences. The author examines the special impact of modern terrorism on the mass and individual consciousness of citizens of a society in the context of global information dissemination in the world. The struggle against modern terrorism is noted as a paramount problem of the external-non-political course of the leading states. At the same time, the information movement of the media often manifests itself as the principle of manipulation, the anxious expectation of citizens, disseminating information that is not always objectively confirmed. The idea of terrorism as an established form of retribution, through expectation is considered. Attention is paid to the analysis of the main aspects of modern terror, the most intrusive and paradoxical ones that cause the fear of sudden and terrible death. It is emphasized that this fear, for the most part, does not know the time and place, circumstances and causes. It is associated with a sudden attempt on life. It is noted that fear and anxiety are formed by the fact that terrorist acts are often carried out with the intent to inflict as much damage as possible, cause horror, bewilderment and despair when children die, helpless sick people, old people, as well as those who perform daily production. responsibilities in the workplace. It is emphasized that people`s uncertainty is formed also by the fact that the methodology of terrorism is well mastered not only by those who conduct regular extremist-organized activities, but also by random people, adolescents, singles who often do not have any political requirements. This entails the need to organize research and meet the spiritual needs of the population, which will help to develop a common feeling for paralyzing social activity, the ability for social creativity. The author`s reflections on the need for creative creation of a new space are presented.

Don State Technical University
Tbilisi State University
Moldavian association of international law
DANUBIUS University
Varna Free University 'Chernorizets Hrabar'