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Bochkov A.A. Influence of various portions of selenium-containing feed additive “Tetra+” on milk efficiency of lactating cows / annotation

Bochkov Alexander Alexandrovich – candidate of biology, professor assistant. Don state agrarian university. Persianovsky, Rostov Region, Russia.

There exists a deficiency or excess of the various elements, which leads to diseases, reduced productivity, fertility, deterioration of product quality and efficiency of feed use. To prevent this, it can be used a variety of compounds, but their bioavailability can vary. In addition, the technological properties of the salts of trace elements significantly affect the quality of premixes and feed. The study found that the introduction of the diet of cows during milking selenium-containing feed additive "Tetra +" in a different dosage allowed to increase their milk production, chemical, biochemical composition and technological properties of milk. From these scientific data, we can conclude that the higher biological value characterized milk cows fed with the feed additive "Tetra +". The most effective dose in this case was additive in an amount of 80 g per 1 head, allowing affect the quality of milk and dairy products by adjusting the feed ration of lactating cows selenium supplement "Tetra +".

Key words: milk, technology, lactating cows diet, selenium, amino acids, milk production.

Don State Technical University
Tbilisi State University
Moldavian association of international law
DANUBIUS University
Varna Free University 'Chernorizets Hrabar'