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Bodrov A.N., Pokhilko A.D., Shmatko A.A. Formation of ethnic archetype / annotation

Bodrov Alfred Nikolaevich – lecturer. Sergiev Posad Branch of the Moscow Institute of Entrepreneurship and Law, Sergiev Posad, Russia.
Pokhilko Alexander Dmitrievich – Ph.D. of philosophy, professor. Armavir state pedagogical university, Armavir, Russia.
Shmatko Alexander Alexandrovich – candidate of history, professor assistant. Armavir state pedagogical university, Armavir, Russia.

It is considered the psychological conditions of formation of the ethnic group. The significance of the theory of the collective unconscious as the original archetype of cultural origins of ethnic groups is described. The methodological basis of the hypothesis about the impact on the collective subconscious modulation of the psychomechanisms is adopted by the constructivist concept. Construction of a conceptual scheme ethnic archetype based on a constructivist methodology would avoid extremes instrumentalism, interpret them on the basis of the principle of complementarity. This thesis applies to ethno-cultural archetype of Abasins. The formation of this ethnic group in terms of the psychological structure of the individual is a transformed information about the world, which integrates with psychic energy ethnicity. The ability of the collective unconscious to integrate with psychic energy, acquires the character of the modulation. Deeper knowledge of the cultures of ethnic archetypal is possible if research modulation processes in the psyche of individuals. With regard to the ethnic and cultural archetypes of modulation in the mind can be in a modified form, as the perception of language, historical experience, customs, traditions, beliefs, value system. Modulation in mind, apparently, plays an important, if not decisive, role in the formation of the archetype of ethnic groups and require more in-depth and comprehensive study. Conceptualization of the concept of "ethno-cultural archetype" acquires a deeper meaning, taking into account such things as the collective subconscious and psychic modulation. Analysis of mental modulation problems in relation to ethnic and cultural archetype has some relevance to the psychological and philosophical concepts of constructivism in social psychology in general and ethnic psychology in particular.

Key words: ethnicity, archetype, modulation of the psyche, constructivism, ethnic psychology, culture, Abaza.

Don State Technical University
Tbilisi State University
Moldavian association of international law
DANUBIUS University
Varna Free University 'Chernorizets Hrabar'