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The text editor Microsoft Word for Windows version 6.0 or higher is used for preparation of the manuscript.
Page Setup: A4, portrait orientation, margins – 20 mm on all sides.
Text Options: font – Times New Roman, font size – 14; Line-interval – one and a half; paragraph (paragraph indent) – 10 mm.; full justification; without syllabification.

Volume: for articles: 9-11 pages; for messages: 4-5 pages.


1. Information about the author(s).
2. Annotation, key words.
3. Main text of the article.
4. References.

1. Information about the author(s):

The full name of the author (authors) – at first the surname is indicated, then the name, then the middle name; the academic degree, the academic rank, the place of work (in that option as it is presented in official documents/on web pages of higher education institutions or scientific institutions); the postal address of higher education institution, including the street, the house, the index of the settlement; post; e-mail (it will be published in the journal) and the phone number of the author; the name of the scientific direction and/or the code of scientific specialty
Languages: Russian, English.

2. Annotation, key words:

The annotation is provided by the authors in an expanded form. Volume – not less than 2000 signs (with spacebars) or 25-30 lines; key words can consist of separate words and phrases (5-7 words/phrases). The annotation has to reflect the structure, the main contents of the article and conclusions.
Sequence of registration: the surname and the initials of the author (authors), the name of work, the text of the annotation and key words.
Languages: Russian, English.

3. Main text of the article:

It is recommended to keep to the logical structure while writing: introduction, methodology, main part, conclusion, consequences, references.
The minimum number of tables and illustrations should be used in the text of the article. The picture should have explanations of all the components, the serial number, the title, located below the picture. The reference to the picture is given in the text. The table should have the serial number, the title, located above the table. All columns in the table are written with a capital letter, contraction of the words in the table is not allowed. Tables and pictures data should not duplicate the text.

4. References:

The list of references (not less than 8 sources) is given in alphabetical order at the end of the article.
References to the literature are placed in square brackets within the text of the article: [5, 10 p.]. Footnotes are not allowed.
Examples of literature formatting:
for books: surname, initials of the author(s), full title of the book, place, year of publication, pages;
for multi-author books and miscellanies: the name of the editor is added;
for articles: surname, initials of the author(s), title of the work // the full name of the miscellany, newspaper, journal, place and year of publication, number (of journal), year and date (of newspaper), publication, a part (of miscellany), pages;
references to electronic resources: the designation of materials for electronic resources [An electronic resource], address and date of access to the document on the Internet should be indicated.
Names of the authors (coauthors) are indicated at the beginning of the description, in italics. There is no comma after the surname, initials are without spacebars between them: Ivanov A.A. If the authors` names are not indicated, the description begins with the name of the work.
Dash between the parts of the description in the bibliographic references is not put. While specifying a range of pages, dash without spacebars (not hyphen) is put between the numbers.


  • title (heading) – font bold, centered;
  • last, first and middle names of author(s), name of institution, city, country, e-mail – italics, centered;
  • annotation, key words – breadthwise;
  • the main text of the article – breadthwise;
  • a list of references is given in alphabetical order at the end of the article;
  • date of manuscript delivery.

If it is necessary, you can specify a grant or a research program within the framework of which the article is prepared, the data about them are given in the paginal footnote to the title of the article. The brief expression of gratitude to the colleagues and/or the organizations that have direct relevance to the research performing is allowed.

Articles are submitted to the editors` office in Russian and/or English; information about authors, annotation and key words are submitted in the Russian and English languages.


Sending the manuscript for consideration to the editors` office, the author guarantees that:

  • this article was not published earlier and it was also not submitted for review and publication to other journal;
  • the text conforms to the requirements of registration and submission of the manuscript accepted in the journal;
  • all coauthors bear responsibility for the information provided in the manuscript.

The manuscript is submitted to the editors` office of the network edition "Science Almanac of Black Sea Region Countries" by one of the options: through a web form on the website of the editors` office; by e-mail or on a disk (CD-R) and on paper to the address of the editors` office: 344000, Rostov-on-Don, Gagarin Square, 1, Building 8, Study room 411.


  • Authors reserve the author`s rights for the work and grant to the journal the right of the first publication of the work on the terms of the license Creative Commons Attribution License which allows others to share (exchange), copy and spread the material on any carrier and in any format.
  • Reproduction, placement, transfer or other distribution or usage of the article published in the journal or of any separate part (fragment) of the article has to be followed by the reference to this edition in any way and by any means.


The names and the e-mail addresses entered on the website of this journal will be used only for the purposes designated by this journal and they will not be used for any other purposes or provided to other persons and organizations.

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