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Vergun T., Grishin D. Impact of Ethnic Tourism on Inter-Ethnic Relations / annotation

Tatiana V. Vergun – Ph.D. in Philosophy, Associate Professor, North Caucasus Social Institute, Stavropol, Russian Federation.
Denis V. Grishin – Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor, North Caucasus Social Institute, Stavropol, Russian Federation.

Issues of impact of ethnic tourism on formation of inter-ethnic relations are considered. It is noted that the growth of ethnic identity can lead to the emergence on the market of tourist products, new proposals that will take into account the growing interest of people in under-standing the culture and life both of their ancestors and of representatives of other ethnic groups. The development of issues which are related to the ontogenesis of ethnotourism has arisen relatively recently, researches of this nature are still new. The conceptual questions are also in the formation stage. Most researchers of this topic highlight the main purpose of ethnic tourism as familiarity with the peculiarities of traditional material and spiritual culture, the unique way of life of the ethnic group, traditions and customs. Such a definition of "ethnic tourism" can be considered the most generic and universal. Ethnic tourism as a phenomenon is a significant element in the understanding of inter-ethnic relations and inter-ethnic culture. In practice, this is realized through the promotion of ethnic tourism and awareness of its importance for the tourist industry as a whole. From a theoretical perspective, ethnic tourism is a productive strategy for raising awareness of the concepts of "ethnic identity" and "ethnic relations". As a conclusion, it is noted that the emergence and strengthening of positive trends in the development of ethnotourism are particularly relevant, as they contribute to the preservation of the cultural and historical heritage of an ethnic group, they support the identity of ethnic groups, and they are a factor of the sustainable development of their traditional territories. Considering ethnic identity and tourism, one can say with confidence about interinfluence of these two elements. Tourism, one of the largest industries in the world, has an impact on the formation of the ethnic identity of the person.

Don State Technical University
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Moldavian association of international law
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Varna Free University 'Chernorizets Hrabar'