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Babakhova L. Processes of dehumanization in modern culture / annotation

Babakhova Lyudmila – candidate of philosophy, associate professor. Don state technical university. Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation.

Social situation, characterizing the modern culture, is connected with public conscience redirecting from collectivism ideals to the ideas of liberal individualism that points to the fundamental transformation of human existing conditions. Degradation of fundamental axiological orienting points, comprising a person world view basis, spread of hedonistic consumption ideals in the society, fund the processes of dehumanization, connected with social estrangement of an individual.
Confirmation of social ideals deprivation feeling in mass consciousness contributes to growth of moral relativism. Orientation to the permissiveness principle in the pursuit for comfort of an individual being and satisfaction obtainment, unhumanizely influence to a person, distorting its spiritual structure. Axiological world transformation of an individual, disappearance of universal world view basis, find its reflection in dehumanization of a person activity that manifests in tendency to spiritual values rejection in favor of material requirements contentment.
Consumer-utilitarian relation to the world, determination to welfare possession, allows speaking about processes of person dehumanization, connected with a confirmation of hedonistic consumption ideals in the modern culture. Propaganda of material welfare ideals and unrestrained consumption, inevitably entail simplification and impoverishment of an individual spiritual culture, directing him only to individualize demands contentment. Models and behavior samples, offered by mass media, contribute to formation of a “qualified” consumer, concerned with searching of individual life quality. Social ideals depreciation of collectivism, brotherhood, patriotism, self-sacrifice for the sake of “common business”, unhumanizes human activity, restricting it to the moments of consumption and using, denying supraindividual aims and values. Vital activity, aimed to contentment of only individual demands, without orientation to panhuman meanings and values, does not contradict with common norms, but leads to estrangement and deprivation of a person emotional connection with the world and other people.
Spiritual structure simplification, suppression of a genuine human entity, dominance of remote communication forms broadly define the modern face. Dehumanization is characterized by estrangement processes increase of person spiritual values, discontinuity of deep social connections, in the result of which an individual feels strange in relation with other people, founding his interaction exceptionally on the functional basis. Thus, dehumanization processes, observing in the modern culture, are accompanied by relativization of moral bases. Public conscience redirecting from moral values, collectively significant aims of a human life to individualist ideals of the consumption epoch, contributes to estrangement increment and leads a person to the state of perplexity, feeling of “inauthenticity” of his existence.

Key words: culture, modernity, dehumanization, social consciousness, spirituality, moral grounds.

Don State Technical University
Tbilisi State University
Moldavian association of international law
DANUBIUS University
Varna Free University 'Chernorizets Hrabar'