ISSN 2414-1143


Dushkin Evgeny Vasilievich

Ph.D. of biology, professor. Don state agrarian university. Persianovsky, Rostov Region, Russia

Dwight Israelsen

Ph.D. of economics, professor. Director of cooperative academic programs. Utah State University, USA

Dzagoev Sergey Fedorovich

Candidate of economics, professor assistant. North-Ossetian state university of K.L. Khetagurov. Vladikavkaz, Russia

Dzahova Larisa Hasanovna

Ph.D. of political study, professor. North Ossetian state University. K. L. Khetagurov, Vladikavkaz, Russia

Dzhioev Alexander Valerievich

Ph.D. of economics, professor. North Ossetian state university of K.L. Khetagurov, North Ossetia, Russia

Filatov Anton Alexandrovich

Leading engineer. Russian Information and Analytical and Research Water Management Center. Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation

Filatova Tatyana Borisovna

Scientific worker. Southern scientific center of Russian Academy of Science. Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation

Gayko Elena Borisovna

M.A., associate professor of the Foreign languages dpt. Russian customs academy. Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation

Gerneshy Vasily Vasilievich

Candidate of military study, associate professor, deputy rector of academic and methodic work. Moscow state institute of tourism industry of Yu.A. Senkevich. Moscow, Russia

Getmanov Ivan Petrovich

Don state technical university. Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation

Don State Technical University
Tbilisi State University
Moldavian association of international law
DANUBIUS University
Varna Free University 'Chernorizets Hrabar'