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The text editor Microsoft Word for Windows version 6.0 or higher to be used for preparation of a manuscript.
Page Setup: A4, portrait orientation, margins - 20 mm on all sides.
Text Options: font - Times New Roman, font size - 14; Line-interval - one and a half; paragraph (indentation) - 10 mm .; full justification; without syllabification.

Volume: for articles: 9-15 pages; for messages: 4-5 pages.


1. The main text of the article.
2. Abstract, key words.
3. Information about the author(s).

1. The main text of the article:

It is recommended to keep to the logical structure when writing: introduction, methodology, main part, conclusion, consequences, references.

The minimum number of tables and illustrations should be used in the text of the article.

A picture is to have explanations of all the components, the serial number, the title, located below the image. Reference on a picture is given in the text. The table is to have its serial number, title, placed above the table. All columns in the table are written with a capital letter, contraction of the words in the table is not allowed. Tables and pictures data should not duplicate text.

Formatting order:

  • title (heading) - font bold, centered;
  • last, first and middle names of author(s), name of institution, city, country, e-mail - italics, centered;
  • the main text of the article – full justification;
  • a list of references is given in alphabetical order at the end of the article;
  • date of manuscript delivery.

Languages: Russian or English.


The list of references is given in alphabetical order at the end of the article text. References to the literature are placed in square brackets within the text of an article: [5, p. 10]. Footnotes are not allowed.

Examples of literature formatting:

for books: surname, initials of the author (s), full title of the book, place, year of publication, pages;

for multi-author books and miscellanies: the name of the editor is added;

for articles: surname, initials of the author(s), title of the work // the full name of the miscellany, newspaper, magazine, place and year of publication, number (of journal), year and date (of newspaper), publication, a part (of miscellany), pages;

references to electronic resources: it is to be indicated the designation of materials for electronic resources [electronic resource], address and date of access to the document on the Internet.

Names of the authors (co-authors) are indicated at the beginning of the description, in italics. There is no comma after the surname, initials are without space between them: Ivanov A.A. If the authors` names are not specified, the description begins with the name of work.

Dash between parts of the description in the bibliographic references is not put. When you specify a range of pages dash without spaces (not hyphen) is put between the numbers.

2. Abstract and keywords:

Abstract should reflect the structure and content of the article: volume – is no less than 2000 characters (including spaces) or 25-30 lines; keywords may consist of individual words and phrases (5-7 words / phrases).

Formatting order:

Surname and initials of the author(s), the title of the work, abstract text, key words.

It is formed in two (three) languages – Russian, English, National.

3. Information about the author (co-authors):

Last, first and middle names of author(s) – at first surname should be mentioned then given name, then patronymic; academic degree, rank, a place of work (in the version as it appears in the official documents / web pages of universities or research institutions); mail address of the university, including street, building, postcode of the area; work status; e-mail and telephone number of the author;

– the title of scientific direction and / or cipher of scientific specialty.

It is formed in two (three) languages – Russian, English, National.

If necessary, you can specify a grant or research program within the framework of which an article is prepared, the data on them are given in the paginal footnote to the title of the article.
A brief expression of gratitude to colleagues and / or organizations that have direct relevance to the research performing is allowed.

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